The term “Less is more” is overused. Because,

Loss of Impact: When a phrase is constantly used, it loses its punch. People hear it so often they stop paying attention to the actual meaning.

Lack of Specificity: “Less is more” is vague. It doesn’t tell you what specifically should be less of.

The mistake is assuming “less” applies to everything. Sometimes, “more” can be necessary. For instance:

Complexity in a technical explanation: You might need more detail, not less, to make something clear.

Building suspense in a story: A minimalist approach might not work for creating tension.

Instead of “less is more,” try a more specific explanation depending on the situation. Here are some options:

  • Focus on quality over quantity.
  • Simplicity can be powerful.
  • Edit ruthlessly to create clarity.
  • Let negative space enhance the message. (This applies to design or visual elements)

By being more specific, you get your point across more effectively.