Case study:

Mills was commissioned by the Kering Group to conduct a data research for Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses product. The research aimed at discovering the strategy point of sales in the APAC region and also analyze the competition. The discovery process was conducted using different media dataset from Google, Baidu, and also Meta audience data.

Challenge and the best practice of data driven marketing

  • Challenge: Data quality and consistency are crucial. Ensure data is accurate, complete, and integrated across platforms to avoid skewed results.
  • Best Practice: Invest in data governance processes to maintain clean and unified data.
  • Challenge: Extracting actionable insights from vast datasets can be overwhelming.
  • Best Practice: Utilize customer segmentation techniques to group customers based on behavior and preferences for targeted marketing.
  • Challenge: Tracking customer touchpoints across various channels can be complex.
  • Best Practice: Implement marketing attribution models to understand the impact of each touchpoint on the customer journey.
  • Challenge: Determining the most effective marketing strategies requires continuous testing and iteration.
  • Best Practice: A/B test different marketing elements like ad copy, email subject lines, and landing page designs to identify the best performers.
  • Challenge: Forecasting future customer behavior can be challenging.
  • Best Practice: Leverage AI-powered tools to predict customer needs and personalize marketing campaigns for higher engagement.

When AI is added into the data-driven marketing practice, it automates tedious tasks like data cleaning and segmentation, freeing up time for strategic initiatives. AI also personalizes marketing messages and recommendations based on individual customer behavior for a more relevant experience. It can handle the personalization tasks at scale. When AI is provided with resourceful private dataset, it can predict customer behavior such as the the future customer actions, allowing marketers to proactively deliver targeted campaigns.

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